Fabian Virchow: Historical Case Studies of Interactive Radicalisation: Germany

This report focuses on the nature of ‘cumulative extremism’ as viewed over time and through spatial comparison. It examines contemporary radicalisation processes through the theoretical frame of ‘cumulative extremism’ in order to understand historic instances of violent escalation, de-escalation and indeed non-escalation. To test many of the assumptions that scholars, policy makers and the media often make when discussing ‘cumulative extremism’, the five country-level reports that comprise this report on historical case studies of interactive radicalisation, examined the phenomenon in a range of different geographical areas and indeed sites of contestation from the street to the institutional level.

The findings of this work are presented through an introduction and 5 National Reports covering: France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.  

Authors: Graham Macklin, Onur Arun, Bartolomeo Conti, Mine Karakus Yetkin, Alexandros Sakellariou and Fabian Virchow